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For information on Tessa’s TESOL books and chapters in edited collections, please go to TESOL Books

Below is a list of Tessa’s TESOL articles and contributions to online environments. 


TESOL Articles and Online Environments 


Loop input System 16/1 1988

Styles of teacher trainer input System 17/1 1989
An analysis of current approaches and process in teacher training as evidenced by teacher training manuals System 17/3 1989

Modern English Teacher (MET)

A vocabulary review game Modern English Teacher Summer 1984
Classroom Dictionary Modern English Teacher Summer 1985
Variety Dice Modern English Teacher Winter 1986/7
Flying visits Modern Language Teachers Journal Sept 1987
Vocabulary posters Modern English Teacher Spring 1988
Challenging classes Modern English Teacher Spring 1985
Running tutorials (with P. Jean-Renaud) Modern English Teacher
Professional development for all the staff Modern English Teacher 6/1 1997

Other EFL periodicals and online environments
Classroom language for linking activities Practical English teaching March 1986
Are there sprites in your dictionary? EFL Gazette 1986
Spontaneity training for cautious students The Language Teacher November 1986
Expanding the use of adjectives Practical English teaching March 1986
A question of style IATEFL Newsletter January 1987
Taking the stress out of discussing lessons TESOL France Newsletter Summer 1988
Taping yourself Language Teacher 1988 2/1
Splitting the atom English Teaching Forum 1988 26/4
Warm ups breaks and fillers ETAS Newsletter (over several years)
Breaking rules Practical English teaching Summer 1989
Component questions Practical English teaching December 1989
Trainers come in from the cold EFL Gazette 1989
Splitting the atom The Language Teacher November 1989
A role I can live with The Language Teacher November 1990
Training for medical general practice TESOL France Newsletter Summer 1990
Good names bad names The Reporter 1990
Perspectives on planning English Teaching professional Issue 24, July 2002
Loop input, a key concept ELT Journal Vol 57/3 July 2003 OUP pp 301-4
Let there be you. Let there be me: Gender balance in ELT materials pp 13-14 in Folio the journal of MATSDA. Vol. 8. 1 /2  November 2003 
Messages from the President IATEFL Voices 2005-2007 
Plenary: The professional life cycles of teachers pp 40-46 IATEFL Harrogate Conference Selections 2005
Exploring the principle of reciprocity pp 108-114 in Best practice in Language teaching: an IH perspective IHWO Books 2008
'I think therefore I learn’ Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ', English Teaching professional, Issues 58-62 2008-2009 

Being a teacher trainer; Am I ready? Read it here
How can I do my job as a teacher trainer? Read it here
Both for the BBC Teaching English web site 2010

Thinking in the EFL class New Routes 2012
Finding balance, then staying interested in Cambridge English Teacher Online Environment 2012 Available here:

Thinking in the EFL class IATEFL 2012 Glasgow Conference Selections pp 69-9 2013
(Wo)man the Barricades! in English Teaching professional Issue 88 Sept 2013 page 57
Ways of working with teachers in The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, Special Issue 2014 on TESOL Teacher 
Education and Development
The Fair List, UK: an update on the campaign for gender equality.
in English Teaching professional Issue 93 July 2014 page 55. 

From Genesis to Exodus: The life story of an idea in HLT magazine April 2015
Teaching teenagers (when you are not used to them) in ETAS Journal Vol 32 No 3 Summer 2015 pages 30-32
Bridging the technophobe-technophile gap (with Daniel Monaghan) article series 1-5 in English Teaching professional Issues 100-105 from Sept 2015 page 51, 
Bridging the technophobe-technophile gap (with Daniel Monaghan) in IATEFL 2015 Manchester Conference Selections February 2016 pages 24-26
The Teacher Trainer Journal 30th birthday panel (with Varinder Unlu, Briony Beaven, and Seth Lindstromberg) in 
IATEFL 2016 Birmingham Conference Selections Feb 2017 pages 53-5

ELT Heroes interview for British Council India December 2016 
Here’s the link to the interview on the British Council blog.  

Six articles on Self Awareness for the British Council CPD for Teacher Educators Framework. Available here

TDOT Conference Selections Brighton 2018
Musings on the topic of change in HLT Mag Birthday issue Feb 2019   
Four articles on Workshop Design for the British Council Teacher Educators Community of Practice 2020
You can access them from these links:

Additional learning resources available here

‘Ten Questions for Tessa Woodward’ in English Australia Journal 36/1 April 2020 pp 70-75 


Three interviews appear on Ross Thorburn's YouTube channel for The TEFL Training Institute, and were released from Autumn 2020 onwards. They are: 
‘Gender Fairness in ELT’ 
‘Experiential Teacher Training’
‘How Teachers Develop’ 
Listen to the 
podcasts and again here 

The Teacher Trainer Journal (Earliest first) 
Lecture discussion scales Teacher Trainer 1/1 1987
Curran style lecture Teacher Trainer 1/2 1987
The jargon generator Teacher Trainer 1/2 1987
Buzz group lecture Teacher Trainer 1/3 1987
Starter question circle Teacher Trainer 2/1 1988
Concept questions Teacher Trainer 2/2 1988
The Mind map lecture Teacher Trainer 2/3 1988
The backwards lecture Teacher Trainer 3/1 1989
Mapping the day Teacher Trainer 3/2 1989
Observation tasks for pre-service trainees Teacher Trainer 3/1 1989
Taking the stress out of discussing lessons Teacher Trainer 3/2 1989
The first time a teacher teaches Teacher Trainer 4/2 1990
Substitution tables for language awareness Teacher Trainer 4/3 1990
Training for medical general practice Teacher Trainer 7/1 1993
Splitting the atom Teacher Trainer 8/2 1994
Thoughts on school placements Teacher Trainer 8/3 1994
Ignorance pair and group work Teacher Trainer 9/1 1995
TQM Teacher Trainer 9/3 1995
Ways of hearing trainee voices Teacher Trainer 10/2 1996
Professional language censorship Teacher Trainer 10/3 1996
Working with teachers interested in different methods Teacher Trainer 11/3 1997
From tactics to beliefs Teacher Trainer 13/2 1999
The debate about regional trainers Teacher Trainer 14/1 and 14/2 2000
Brain clever word choice Teacher Trainer 14/3 2000
One way of working with participant issues Teacher Trainer 15/1 2001
Working with metaphors in TT and TTT Teacher Trainer 15/3 2001
Carrot ice cream or reactions to the new Teacher Trainer 16/1 2002
India calling Teacher Trainer 17/1 2003
Ideas for livening up conferences Teacher Trainer 17/1 2003
The training effect of teachers returning from refresher courses Teacher Trainer 17/3 2003
Exploring the principle of reciprocity in teacher learning Teacher Trainer 18/1 2004
Internet favourites Teacher Trainer 18/2 2004
One of three, a workshop energizer Teacher Trainer 19/2 2005
Am I ready to be a teacher trainer? Teacher Trainer 20/1 2006
Jargon generator Teacher Trainer 20/3 2006
Using case studies Teacher Trainer 22/1 2008
The fridge Teacher Trainer 22/2 2008
It’s a wired world Teacher Trainer 23/2 2009
Website Review Teacher Trainer 23/2 July 2009 
Trouble in training teams Teacher Trainer 24/2 2010
Why I love ‘Strictly’ Teacher Trainer 25/2 2011
Teaching teenagers Teacher Trainer 25/3 2011
Teaching for thinking Teacher Trainer 26/1 2012
Working the right way round: Supporting the teaching and learning of vocabulary with new technology Teacher Trainer 26/3 2012
The Fair List Teacher Trainer 27/2 2013
PD: Tempering one-off sessions by using a threads approach Teacher Trainer 27/2 2013
Running meetings in Teacher Trainer 28/2 2014
Practical training idea in Teacher Trainer 28/2 2014
Preparing for a post lesson discussion after observing a teacher in Teacher Trainer 29/2 2015 
Professional development late in an EFL teaching career in Teacher Trainer 29/3 2015 
Been teaching and training for a long time? In Teacher Trainer 33/3 2019

I also wrote material for regular columns such as, ‘Interview’,
‘People who Train People’, ‘Article Watch’ and ‘Publications Received’ columns which appeared up to three times per year from 1986 to 2020.


'Even more writing'



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